Are you looking for something unique and memorable for that next company gathering?

Now that winter’s waving its hand “bye-bye” and spring is saying “hello,” it’s time to shake off the winter blues and treat your employees to a casual outdoor event, one that will encourage attendance and build morale.

Hire a firework display company in Atlanta GA that can take your next event to an all-new level!

America’s Favorite Pastime

Baseball brings out the kid in each one of us and is something we all enjoy. Now, if you pair that with a corporate event, you have a marriage of great making to offer your employees. Incorporating baseball into any event can be scaled, making it easy to coordinate and execute.

Our beloved Atlanta Braves opening day is April 9 which is not far away. So, let’s get to planning that next event!


Planning will be the key to a very successful corporate gathering. Employ the help of an event committee within your company to help to save you time and to gain valuable input.

Set A Budget

Budget plays a big role in determining the size and type of event you have. By setting a dollar amount on what you can afford, you have a boundary to work within as far as scalability of guests, the venue, food, etc.

The “Who” “What,” “When,” “Where”

Who will be attending the event? Are you going to make it inclusive of family or limited to employees and perhaps a “plus-one?” When selecting a venue, you should always have the number of guests in mind that you anticipate attending.

What do you want to accomplish with this event? Do you want to do team building, have a casual, relaxing time, or recognize employees with awards?

When do you want to have your event? As with any event, it’s best to pick three dates. This is vital, especially if you are going to choose a venue that is hard to book. By going in armed with multiple dates, you have a better chance of obtaining a place.

Where do you want to have your event? With a baseball-centered event, there are multiple options in the Atlanta area. We have more information on venues further below to give you an idea.

Choosing The Venue

Here in Atlanta, there’s a multitude of venues to look at for planning a baseball-themed corporate event. Right here in our backyard is Truist Park, where the Atlanta Braves call home. Baseball runs through the veins of Atlantans! Beautiful parks, rooftop spaces, and outdoor areas are abundant here.

Your employees can wear their favorite baseball jerseys, ballcaps and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere in a fun setting.


Host a large-screen baseball game corporate event on the rooftop of the Park Pavilion building in downtown Atlanta. Ventanas is perched 15 stories up; you have a bird’s eye view of the city’s skyline, and just down below is Centennial Olympic Park. Your employees can enjoy a live baseball game on a big screen strategically set up.

The Roof At Ponce Market

A corporate event at this nostalgic rooftop playground is perfect for a baseball-themed event. Poised at the top of the old Sears Roebuck building is a rooftop venue complete with gathering spaces, boardwalk games, putt-putt, and a lot more. Views of the city’s skyline are breathtaking. TVs throughout the space can broadcast a live baseball game.

Truist Park – Home Of The Atlanta Braves

We come to the most coveted venue for die-hard Braves fans. Truist Park has multiple venue options. The Xfinity rooftop lounge provides your guests with a birds-eye view of a game in a patio-like setting where guests can enjoy cornhole or a game of table hockey. Coors Light Chop House is another venue that offers a patio-like environment with an on-field area where your guests can sit at eye-level with the ballplayers.

Start With A “Crack” End With A “Bang!”

While the sound of cheers and cracking bats fill the air, why not conclude your event with a BANG? To end your corporate event wherever your venue may be, surprise your employees with a firework display company’s offerings over the city’s skyline or just outside the venue. You’ll make an impression that lasts a lifetime!

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