Not sure what to do for your next corporate event? We have something that will blow the roof off of the mundane meeting room gathering with the help of a professional firework company. You can take things to an all-new level that will leave every employee feeling super appreciated.

Go Beyond The Four Walls Of Work

Indoor team-building events are becoming passé. We as employers need to celebrate the hard work of those who keep our business thriving. Providing something fun every now and then out and away from the work environment is an investment that will have an excellent return.

With summer and Memorial Day peeking around the corner, why not make your next corporate event a family-oriented day of fun. Your employees are more apt to participate when you offer something that’s family inclusive.

The Perfect Combination: Air And Water

The days are growing warmer, and those watermelons are ripening, beaches are calling, and the outdoors are beckoning. Let’s get our employees outside for a big boost in morale where they can reconnect with coworkers, management, themselves, and their family.

We have a few ideas for you to corral together to come up with a corporate event at a nearby park with access to a lake or river. You can easily plan a day of various activities that include a bit of competition, relaxing, and eating.


Games are almost always integrated with outdoor events. Horseshoe toss is a must-have at any outdoor event, as is volleyball. If you really want to go all out for some serious competition, get a dunking tank where management becomes the target of getting dunked.

Children’s Stations

We can’t forget the little ones when we make the event family-friendly. A few things that will draw kiddos in are stations that include crafts, storytelling, sandcastle building, petting zoo, or treasure hunts.

Watermelon Eating Contest

If the dunking tank didn’t bring enough action, a watermelon eating contest surely will. Everyone will want to be in on this event because who doesn’t love watermelon? Reward the winner with a dinner for two gift card, a few hours of comp time off work, or a silly trophy (which they will proudly display at their work station.)

Pie Derby

The women will love to get in on this event, especially if the reward is attractive. Hire the help of a few judges to choose the best tasting pie. Perhaps the judges could be some local dignitaries. Women love to shop, so a gift card to a local boutique will fit the bill perfectly.

Guess what? That leftover pie can be served as dessert after the cookout tonight!

Water Recreation

Finding a venue with access to water is a big bonus because it opens the window for kayaking, swimming, and a wibit setup. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are; wibits are fun! Check with the venue to find out if you can set one up. Some inflatable rental agencies have wibits. If not, some water park venues provide them.

Fishing Tournament

Include a fishing tournament with a reward for the biggest fish caught. The prize could be something tackle-related. Be sure to inform participants that a fishing license may be required. Your local Department of Natural Resources can advise anglers what the requirements are.


Now we come to the end of the day, when everyone is ready to enjoy a hearty BBQ dinner. To make things simple, find a catering company that does on-site cookouts. Picnic tables under a tent provide the perfect setting.

Live Music

Have your guests bring their lawn chairs to sit under the stars and enjoy a few hours of music by a local band. Some good old foot-stomping bluegrass sets the perfect scene for the grand finale of the evening.

The Grand Finale

As the music winds down, the fireworks begin. The sky is filled with magnificent colors, sparkles, and pops. Your corporate event ends with jaw-dropping grandeur leaving a lasting impression on every person present through our professional firework company.

This unique event is doable and well worth every penny! Give Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics a call today to plan your grand finale. We are considered a best firework company in Charleston, SC, also serving other areas in South Carolina and Georgia.