Are you looking for ways to keep your employees plugged in while recognizing them for their hard work? The “drive-in” and “drive-up” concepts are trending because of social distancing. Retailers, healthcare providers, churches, schools, and now business leaders are using these two strategies to reach people.

So, why not take the “drive-in” idea and apply it to boost your employees’ morale? Ending the event with a “BANG” of sparkles in the night sky makes it memorable. Finding the best firework company to provide the “bang” is as easy as calling Munnerlyn Fireworks!

Planning For A Successful Event

Open fields, parking lots, old drive-ins, and the tops of abandoned shopping mall parking garages are perfect venues to host such an event. With some careful logistical planning, your business can host an event that will make a lasting impression on every employee and family member in attendance.

Things To Consider

Local And State Guidelines

Many states have strict rules in place now for gatherings. Be sure that you explore those and any other guidelines that apply to your area before investing time and money into an event.


If you don’t own the space (parking lot, field, etc.) where the event will be held, finding someone willing to allow you to use their space for a fee is an option. When using a rented venue, you may be required to obtain a special event permit and any necessary insurance.

When using Munnerlyn Fireworks for your event, all necessary permits relating to fireworks are conveniently taken care of.


There are numerous creative ways to have this type of event. One such way that is as close to social distancing as it gets is by setting up a giant screen where you can display your entire presentation in movie-style format.

Options for sound can include a rented loudspeaker system, in-car radio transmission, or make it vintage-style with a silent movie theme, so the sound isn’t a requirement. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) provides advice regarding the form of audio transmission through car radios.

The venue should be large enough to accommodate cars spaced six feet apart (one empty space between cars.) Always have a “Plan B” in place if the weather prevents your event from taking place.

Ending Your Event With A Beautiful Bang

Extend your appreciation for your employees, by handing out a goodie bag as they arrive at the “drive-in.” Include a program handout so they know what to expect (minus the fireworks) and include guidelines while at the event (staying in the car, lights on/off, etc.) Building up anticipation is what it’s all about, and when you do this, the finale of your corporate event ends with beautiful displays of fireworks.

During this time, it’s more important than ever to provide employees a small window of time where they can escape the worries of the world, if only for a few moments. As a fireworks show begins, everything in their mind is set aside as the experience unfolds. What better gift to give to someone that you employ as a way to say “thank you.”

The skilled pyrotechnics here at Munnerlyn Fireworks create a fireworks display that is unique and specific for your event. They will work closely with you to design a show that includes certain colors, sounds, patterns, and effects.

  • Displays can be coordinated with your presentation (music, movie, speech.)
  • Colors of fireworks can be designed to match your branding.
  • As your employees drive into the event, the entryway can be lit up with fountains of sparkles.
  • Strategically placed fountains or other fireworks can be choreographed to go off at specific times.
  • A cascading waterfall can be timed to go off at the end of the event, highlighting a large “Thank You” sign.

Trust The BEST Firework Company To Elevate Your Corporate Event

Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics are your professionals that take the art of pyrotechnics seriously. We have strict rules and regulations that we follow to ensure the safety of you, your guests, the venue and surrounding area, and us. Compliance is never compromised.

With years of specialized training and experience on board, we have the skills to create a fireworks show you and your employees will always remember. Give us a call to plan your corporate event!

Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics is your expert fireworks company that not only handles corporate events but also wedding pyrotechnics.

Get started now.