Add Pyrotechnic Arts to Your Corporate Event to Make a Big Impression!

Are you searching for something to enhance and set your corporate event apart from all the others?

Our design specialists are skilled in crafting a display for your guests, employees, or attendees to remember. We know our “stuff” when it comes to helping you make a lasting impression on behalf of your company. Whether your event is to recognize employees, launch a product, trade show, or grand opening, leaving those in attendance with a lasting impression keeps them connected to your company.

The “Peak-End Theory” and Corporate Events Fireworks

Most of us have most likely never heard of the “peak-end theory.” Psychologist Dr. Daniel Kahneman conducted a research study to discover why we retain memories from an intensely positive experience rather than little to no memories of mundane or negative experiences. He came up with the theory that our cognitive framework has a higher tendency to recall things that made us feel good inside.

The concept behind “peak-end theory” is to make the conclusion of something so big and great that a person’s recollection of an event keeps them connected to you (your company.) This strategy is very effective in the corporate world because entrepreneurs use the “wow” factor to conclude product launches, recruiting campaigns, grand openings, marketing campaigns, employee events, and more.

Music concerts are a great example of “peak-end theory” because of the┬áseries of high peaks of experiential intensity and a finale of electrically charged music with pyrotechnics.

An Impactful Event

Just imagine how you can harness the power of giving people an experience they will never forget by adding corporate event fireworks? They will tell others about it, and for a business, that’s a walking advertisement. People will also want to be a part of your company by joining your team.


Make your event one that stands above any other. Wow your audience with a surprise sensory experience that leaves them excited and pumped.


By giving your audience the gift of experience, you are acknowledging them and how important they are to you and your company.


Giving your audience a jaw-dropping experience creates a lasting impression that bonds them to you and your company.

The sky is our stage where we craft the
Best Fireworks Performance
you will ever see.

Corporate Events Fireworks & Special Effects

We provide the artistry in creating the perfect sensory surprise for your corporate event. Our expertise will set the stage for the best event you will ever have!

Setting the Stage

  • Low fog
  • Haze
  • Smoke

Intense, High-Energy Effect

  • Sparkling fountains
  • Fire and Stage Flames
  • Cannons
  • Jets
  • Confetti and Streamer Bombs
  • Outdoor aerial display choreographed to music

Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics will add the “conclusion” you are looking for with your next corporate event – Call us Today!

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