Do you need an “out of the box” idea to build up and foster camaraderie among your employees? We have a few ideas to get your team members pumped and ready to raise the roof with spirit and fireworks. So, how does the best firework company near me work with nearby corporations to boost morale and foster esprit de corps?

Why Do Employers Need To Get Creative With Team Building?

Over time, employees may become disengaged, lacking drive or motivation to go the extra mile. As an employer, it’s up to you to get them plugged back in and recharge that drive. That’s why corporations have regular team-building events.

When word of “team-building” starts wafting through the cubicles of your business, there’s a tendency for employees to dread such an event. It’s a scenario similar to “The Store,” where the store manager gathers the employees for morale-boosting exercises to find that most of them fail to show up because they go into hiding.

So, why does this happen? There are several reasons, with the first one being that employers aren’t getting creative in planning the event. For them, their ideal event is held in the company conference room. It’s just another day at the office. Getting your employees out of the work environment in a casual, fun environment helps them be more forthcoming in exploring ways to work as a cohesive unit that boosts profitability for the business.

How Do Creative Team Building Events Benefit Your Company?

You’re going to be quite surprised to find out that “thinking outside the box” will significantly benefit you, your company, and your employees. That “disengagement” they once had will be replaced with vigor, drive, motivation, and so much more!

Company picnics and conference room meetings just aren’t going to hack it in today’s business world. Consider the creative effort that goes into a one-of-a-kind team builder event as an investment in your business rather than an expense. When you do, your return on investment will more than pay for itself.

Benefits Of Unique Team Building Events

  • Employees learn to collaborate as a team.
  • Engagement increases among coworkers.
  • Communication improves within the company as a whole.
  • Builds trust among staff and management.
  • Allows employees to see a more personal/human side of their supervisors and upper management.
  • Improves the culture within the company.
  • Employees look forward to the next team-building event.

A Few “One-Of-A-Kind” Team Building Event Ideas

Team building events that bring out the kid in us spark our imagination and creative flow to develop solutions to problems as a team in the workplace. When fun is built into the event, employees will get more from the event and, in turn, give more back to the company in productivity.

So, what are some “fun” team builders you can plan for your company?

Cardboard Dream Home

This type of team builder is a definite winner. Who doesn’t like to build things? The goal is for teams to create a dream home from supplies and junk. They’ll have an allotted number of hours to complete the project. Recruit a local real estate agent to judge for the most creative house.

Car Derby

Plan an old-school car derby where teams must craft and build cars built from a pile of junk. At the end of the allotted build time, comes the actual race where teams must push their cars towards the finish line. Judges can vote on the best in show.

Build A Raft

The same concept applies to the cardboard house or derby car. Using limited supplies, teams must build a raft that will float long enough to pass a finish line. This is perfect to do at a nearby river, creek, pond or lake.

The “Frosting On The Cake” Ending

After the team-building activities have come to an end, why not top the event off with a good ole evening cookout and ice cream sundaes to follow. As everyone digs into their sundaes and as the sun does down, surprise your hard-working team builders with a BANG as fireworks fill the sky above. When you do something as dramatic as this, you end the event with a powerful, impressive surge of energy that will stay with your employees.

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