Let’s face it, planning a corporate event or family gathering, or even a gender reveal can be exhausting. There are so many details to consider. From invitations to catering to music and more, there just isn’t time to ensure that it all goes off without a hitch. And worse yet, you are responsible for making the event memorable, which only increases the pressure and stress.

So if you are coordinating an event, how can you make sure that it creates the lasting impression that folks will talk about for days following. Why not consider a fireworks display? If you have considered fireworks or even if you haven’t, you don’t have to reach for your cell phone to google “fireworks display companies near me”, just let a professional do all the work for you.

While you may not want to hassle with the specifics of this kind of display or entrust the project to a guy in the next cubicle who swears he can do it, Fortunately, you don’t have to. The experts at Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics can ease the worry of pulling off the celebration both safely and on a budget. With over 15 years in business, our company has perfected the art of incorporating fireworks into any kind of event, from small backyard gatherings to large pyrotechnic displays coordinated with music.

Why Not Fireworks?

Most people think that a fireworks display should be viewed in conjunction with a Fourth of July celebration. They think of “rockets red glare” as our flag flew above Fort McKinley the night Francis Scott Key penned the words to our national anthem. They sit under mesmerizing displays as our nation celebrates the sacrifice of our soldiers, many who have paid for our freedoms with their very lives.

But the history of fireworks existed long before the Revolutionary War and the Independence of our nation. In Europe, royalty often used elaborate pyrotechnic displays to commemorate birthdays of kings or queens or even the birth of an heir to the throne. Even religious institutions regularly used fireworks to highlight their causes and draw attention to the glory of God.

So the truth is a fireworks display shouldn’t be reserved for a few moments every year, but can be incorporated as an integral part of any celebration. /No matter what occasion you want to commemorate; birthday, wedding, gender reveal, or corporate awards banquet, the experts at Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics can make it happen.

Safety Is Crucial – Variety Is Fun!

Despite what your co-worker might tell you, a really memorable fireworks display requires more precision than you might realize. It is not just a matter of lighting a fuse and scrambling for cover before the big bang happens. And if you have ever had a family member in charge of a home display, chances are there might have had a time when a firework went off where it wasn’t supposed to. So, before someone injures themselves or sets part of the house on fire, trust the experts of Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics to get it right, every time the fuse gets lit.

And if you don; ’t know what you might want, our employees are happy to make recommendations based on your budget. They will coordinate music, a speech, toast, or whatever you desire. They can arrange for smoke screens, confetti drops, or even fog to add to the ambiance of any event. If you want your party to thrill the hearts of your guests, or make their minds spin in wonder, an Atlanta fireworks display company like Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics has the tools to make your gathering more than just a few trays of hors d’oeuvre and drinks.

When you want to add fireworks to your next event as a way to make a lasting impression, trust the staff of Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics. Ensure the safety of everyone involved, and raise the bar for the employee who has to be in charge of the event next time. The goal of any event should be to have the best experience possible and to make lasting memories in the heart and minds of everyone who attends. Feel free to contact us and let Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics get to work for you!