At Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics, we offer not only the best quality performances and shows, but also the best variety in displays. We can make any event memorable and full of “WOW”. Whether it is to make that special wedding day one to never forget, or blow that stadium out of the water, we can do it all. And we do it well.

July 4th/Holidays

You name the day, we bring the show. We display dazzling sights to celebrate those special events in our lives. We incorporate many different effects and visuals to make that day stand out. For major holidays, please book 90days in advance!

Weddings/Corporate Events

Change the entire nature of that special day or event with unforgettable moments. With shining displays of indoor, close proximity, or amazing outdoors effects, those memorable days become immortal. Whether you’re celebrating a special someone, or a banner year for your company, we provide the show.

Sports Events/Venues

The entertainment isn’t just on the field or the stage, we prove that atmosphere counts. Our cutting edge displays really accentuate your events. With concert pyrotechnics, halftime, pregame or post-game shows, our showstopping displays leave the crowd in awe. We leave it all on the table for our clients.

Indoor/Close Proximity

Thrilling displays in any location. We bring the best in the business. One-hundred percent safety driven, our displays leave a lasting impression. Whether you need us for a birthday, an election, or any other soiree, we leave the exclamation point on the celebration!

Are You Ready?

Get Ready for the Show of Your Life!