Indoor/ Close ProximityEvents

We are masters of special effects, providing for all types of events from festivals and clubs, to concerts and music videos. Our effects include smoke, cool fountains, sparks, low fog, haze, jets, cannons, fire and stage flame, and of course confetti. As well as stage and close proximity pyrotechnics, we also provide special effects for film and television productions. Our indoor displays are 100% effective and safe. We are a one stop shop for anything pyrotechnic. Try us on for size. Let us impress you today.


A Gerb (Jerb) or jet, is a fountain effect that produces a great column of sparks. Jets are very fast burning and generally last just a fraction of a second. Gerbs can vary in size and duration from 1/4 second to 30 seconds. Gerbs tend to be amazing effects used creatively. We add heart pounding music to a Gerb hit to emphasize the effect.


A single shot of composition is fired out of a tube that burns itself at the top of its flight path. A comet can also have metal flakes in it which will give a colored tail to it as it rises into the air.

Stage Mines

Stage mines are similar to comets, but with multiple small stars instead of just one. They come in various sizes, colors, and styles. There are also mines that leave a crackles in the air. Like gerbs, stage mines come in various shooting heights.


A cascade (or sometimes waterfalls) is a gerb that is designed to be fired upside down. The sparks fall slowly and without force to create a curtain effect. Heights and lengths can be varied to match your needs and we can incorporate other effects like ‘falling stars’ into cascades for variation.

Airbursts / Robotics

Airbust are small packages of powder that are suspended from an igniter wire. When fired, they explode in the air like mini firework shells. Robotics are similar to airbursts, but can be used to produce small explosions and to generate the kind of sparks you might get from an electrical fault.


Flame projectors are stunning effects. They burn hot and bright. They are simply a tube containing nitrocellulose granules that produce a pyro flame, with very little lingering smoke. Flame Projectors are normally orange, but we have the ability to host a range of colors.

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