Do you have an upcoming special event you would like to add some “wow factor” to but not sure how to do that while following social distancing protocols? Planning special events presents a challenge now more than ever because of social distancing.

Outdoor venues provide you the perfect stage to create a place to share and celebrate a special time with others. A professional firework company offers your guests an experience they’ll never forget!

Don’t lose hope because there is a way to celebrate those events. It just requires a little “out-of-the-box” thinking and planning.

Outdoor venues provide ample space for social distancing while enjoying event fireworks!

Outdoors Poses A Lower Risk

Being outdoors during social distancing poses a lower risk providing everyone maintains the 6-feet distance recommendation. Walking, bicycling, and enjoying outdoor activities are just a few things we can still enjoy outdoors while distancing ourselves. An outdoor event can be carefully planned while following the guidelines set in place by the CDC and local authorities.

The ample fresh air is healthy for us regardless, but being able to socialize even at a distance provides us a much-needed emotional boost!

Outdoor Venues Allow You To Entertain From The Sky!

Getting creative in planning how to share special events while maintaining social distancing is something we are all quickly learning to do. The food and beverage industry serves as a great example of creative planning. You can recreate what they are doing for your own event. Outdoor venues are vastly catching on not only because of the fresh air but because adequately spacing out settings for guests is easier.

Numerous restaurants are now offering outdoor dining in clear dome tents. Designs range from a pop-up solution to a geo-dome with heating. Diners can enjoy dinner in a social setting that is safely distanced from others. By incorporating these tents into your event, you provide your guests with a properly distanced setting that’s intimate and cozy. Having a clear tent provides a perfect bird’s eye view of fireworks!

Let’s imagine an open outdoor venue such as a sprawling landscaped garden near a large estate home. The night sky twinkles with stars above, while down below within this garden area sits intimate settings for your guests that are well spaced out. Small fairy lights fill the trees and shrubs. Those same lights are strewn above to light the event. Candles flicker on each table where couples sit enjoying the wonderful meal you have arranged for them while music plays somewhere in the distance. Towards the end of the event, a solitary firework shoots up into the sky to catch everyone’s attention. The fireworks show is about to begin!

Any event can be hosted outdoors, and with the right planning, your celebration will be a big hit! Fireworks is the bow on top of the gift that you share with your guests.

Sharing The Beauty Of A Few Moments Suspended In Time

Fireworks displays at any special event provide your guests with an experience that makes an everlasting impression! A lot of behind the scenes work and collaboration go into designing the perfect display for corporate events, weddings, retirements, graduations, anniversaries, or other celebration.

Our pyrotechnics handcraft carefully orchestrated mixtures of chemicals, fuel, and other elements that will work in unison. These mixtures create display patterns, colors, sounds, and special effects. When designing fireworks displays for our clients, we can suggest certain displays and effects that frame your event while coordinating with your overall theme.

  • Displays queued or choreographed to music
  • Visuals that include patterns and special colors to match your event
  • Massive displays with powerful shells and fountains
  • Sky lanterns
  • Cool fountains strategically placed around the grounds
  • Cascading waterfall features of sparkles that make a beautiful backdrop

Trust A Professional Firework Company With Your Next Socially-Distanced Event!

Looking for professional fireworks companies in Lexington is just a click away!

Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics comes with a lot of training and skill in pyrotechnics. Safety is something we take seriously, never compromising on. Social distancing protocols and guidelines are incorporated into our operating procedures.

When you trust us to provide the best in fireworks displays, you will also have peace of mind knowing we too have COVID safeguards in place to protect ourselves, you, and your guests. Quality and safety are what our business is founded on. You get the BEST when you select Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics!

We will work closely with you to make your event a success! Contact us today to find out what we can do to elevate your event!