Are you looking for something to set your wedding apart from all the others? Wedding pyrotechnics is trending among brides today as a way to create an unforgettable event for both them and their guests.

Fireworks ornately displayed adds a magical element to any gathering. Whether you are celebrating your nuptials, engagement, or renewing your vows, why not incorporate the illustrious beauty of sparkle?

A Magical Element

Just imagine you and your love walking out into your reception area as the dancefloor becomes beautifully framed with sparkling diamond twinkles. Next, the fog begins to flow over and blanket the dancefloor to make you both appear to be dancing in the clouds. For those few moments, time is suspended as you celebrate your union of love.

The evening energetically transitions into everyone getting on the dancefloor. The atmosphere becomes electrified with the sudden release of confetti. When it comes time to cut your wedding cake, both you and your cake are illuminated by the glow of a cascading curtain of sparkles that light up behind you.

As the event begins to wind down, treat everyone to a sky painted with bursting fireworks as you and your loved one make your exit to start your new life together.

Wedding pyrotechnics are a gifted gesture on your part for your guests who celebrate your special day. The moments of sheer awe as the special effects that fireworks produce will be something your guests will never forget.

Types of Fireworks Perfect for Weddings

We have wedding pyrotechnics designers who will work closely with you to customize your fireworks or special effects display. The color of fireworks can be tailored to coordinate with your color theme. We also create unique shaped aerial displays such as hearts.

Indoor Fireworks: Wedding Receptions

Indoor fireworks for wedding receptions add a “wow” effect for your guests!

  • Cool-temp, smoke-free indoor or outdoor sparkle fountains to frame dancefloors, entrance ways, driveways, pool area, gazebo, and more
  • Fog effect for dancefloors
  • Confetti and streamer release
  • Cascading sparkles that adds a backdrop effect

Outdoor Fireworks

  • Beautiful aerial fireworks can be choreographed to your music.
  • Sparklers can be used for fire writing photo props (these make beautiful photos!)

Things to Consider With Wedding Fireworks

Are you entertaining the idea of having fireworks at your wedding? There are a few things to take into consideration first.

  • What is your budget for fireworks?
  • What kind of effects are you hoping to achieve?
  • Will your wedding venue allow fireworks?
  • Does the venue require a permit for fireworks?
  • How much time will you have allotted for fireworks?
  • Do you want the fireworks to coordinate with music?
  • Your photographer and videographer will need to be aware if you’re having fireworks so they can bring the appropriate equipment to accommodate the effects.
  • For outdoor fireworks, is there a local burn ban in the area of your venue?

Safety Is Priority

Reputable, licensed pyrotechnics always put safety first. It’s important that you enjoy your special day without having to worry about a fireworks display running amuck.

Munnerlyn Fireworks are specially skilled and trained in all phases of safety and deployment of wedding pyrotechnics. Our displays are safe and beautiful. Before the event, we like to visit the venue for a site inspection. Necessary permits are something we obtain with the local fire prevention department.

Our top priority is the safety of our team, you, your guests, and venue staff. Insurance provides an added layer of protection for us, you, and the venue.

Munnerlyn provides you peace of mind knowing you get a professional pyrotechnic display vendor that is reputable and top-quality. Hire fireworks for weddings that you can trust. Munnerlyn Fireworks are highly skilled and trained pyrotechnic artists who have experience in all phases of wedding fireworks.

Our specialties include heat-free options that are safe yet yields stunning results!

  • Smoke
  • Cool-temp fountains
  • Confetti sprays
  • Cascade curtains
  • Low fog

Our professionals closely adhere to federal, local, and venue codes, regulations, and guidelines. This ensures your event is safe while maintaining compliance.

We can tailor a custom wedding package that will fit your budget. For more information or to meet with us for a consultation, give us a call today.