Eye-catching and striking, fireworks are lots of fun. They are even festive and popular among a variety of different settings. There is little to not enjoy about them. Now, it’s imperative that anyone reading this understands the importance of firework safety. Improper handling can have devastating consequences, serious injury, burns, and worse things.

This blog post will talk all about the importance of firework safety from the perspective of the best firework company in Charleston – Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics.

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Local Regulations

You’ve probably heard that knowledge is power. Well, it’s also safety! You will need to be aware of local regulations in your area because many places have bans and restrictions against certain types of fireworks. You really also need to read the labels and warnings on all of the packagings on your fireworks before lighting anything.

Keep Away From Children

This one should go without saying, but due to the number of children who get injured every year from fireworks, maybe it is something that should be said. Some people get a little bit too “lax” and encourage their kids to get involved. Either that or they don’t restrict their kids from approaching and lighting things themselves. That’s just a big no.

Some types of fireworks have the devastating ability to reach temperatures as high as 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Lava is just slightly hotter than that. With this in mind, adults need to closely monitor their firework events and be sure that kids are a safe distance away.

For kid-safe alternatives, look to things like glow sticks and sparklers. Sparklers still need to be respected, so show them how to properly deal with them. Here are some tips.

  • Keep sparklers in a cool and dry place
  • Supervise them in use
  • Don’t let any kids under five years old hold them
  • Light sparklers one at a time, preferably with goggles on
  • Show your kids how to how sparklers away from their body
  • Teach your kids not to wave sparklers around
  • Don’t let your kids run with them
  • When also holding a baby, never hold a sparkler
  • Ensure your kids are wearing thicker clothing as loose clothing is more flammable

Avoid Drinking and Lighting Fireworks

While a fun idea, it’s not a safe one. The leading reason behind injuries from fireworks comes from improper handling. When you drink, you are taking away your brain’s ability to critically think among other symptoms, and this leads to a major increase in the chance that you will get injured or injure others.

If you insist on drinking, at least set up your whole display while sober. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Think Carefully About Purchases

When planning a fireworks event, it’s somewhat of a time to splurge. And when you buy more expensive fireworks, they are usually a lot more dangerous. Cheaper fireworks can still be lots of fun! Beyond price, be sure that you are purchasing your fireworks from legal and licensed sources.

If you get something that isn’t properly labeled with warnings and proper use instructions, this is a huge red flag. Professional firework companies always have warnings and proper use instructions listed on the packaging.

Use Proper Safety Gear

It may be less stylish, but firework safety gear is essential. At a minimum, wear safety glasses and thick clothing along with having a fire extinguisher at your side at all times.

Important: Did you know that fireworks can go off from something as simple as friction? Knowing that, keep fireworks out of your pockets when they are out of their packaging.

Properly Dispose of Fireworks

Some people simply throw their fireworks in the trash right after they are done being used. This is not a good idea! Your fireworks are still burning hot and can easily light everything in your trash can on fire. This is especially hazardous if you brought them indoors before throwing them away.

The best thing that you can do to dispose of them properly is to throw your fireworks in a bucket of water and leave them in there overnight. Afterward, they will be safe to put in the trash the next morning.

Final Thoughts

Firework safety is essential. Don’t try to put looking cool and having fun beyond the safety of yourself and those around you. There is never a good time to neglect safety.

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