When you look into the sky at a beautiful fireworks event, it sure is a stunning sight. Similar things can be said about smaller home fireworks. For many of us, it raises a lot of fun questions about what they are and how they work. This blog post will cover the most common types of fireworks and include some fun facts. Atlanta Georgia fireworks display company are respected for their experience!


Firecrackers are certainly the most iconic, widely available, and popular form of fireworks. The majority of stores that sell party equipment will sell firecrackers. Some featured brands in the industry are the M-80, Black Cats, and Lady Fingers. Surprisingly, there are hundreds of other firecrackers, so the decision of what to buy won’t be immediate. The point of a firework is to light it and prepare your ears for the loud noises during the explosion.

Firecrackers also come in strings of up to 10,000 or more at a time. That kind of noise up close can cause some hearing damage, so be careful! Firecrackers are seen as the novice form of fireworks, particularly enjoyed by beginners.

Smoke Bombs

These are great for kids with crazy imaginations. Smoke bombs by nature aren’t made to explode, at least when they first came out. After years of them in use, companies got the idea to create a version of a smoke bomb that explodes before leaving smoke. The normal version just has a pop before releasing smoke. The smoke is really hard to see in the dark, so smoke bombs are best enjoyed during the day. Some options will release a small amount while others release tons.

The cost will play a factor in the way it goes, with the higher end leading to a bigger explosion and more smoke, while the lower-priced options have a more diminished effect. Smoke bombs can be put into two categories, colorized and cylindrical. Kids love playing with smoke bombs during their “battles”. We think colorized smoke bombs are the coolest to look at.


Having been around for a very long time, sparklers are the most iconic form of firework. And yes, they are technically fireworks. As a kid, I was actually pretty scared of these out of fear that the sparks would burn me. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties when I overcame that fear and truly began to appreciate the enjoyment that comes from lighting these. Sparklers were actually designed with kids in mind and are very safe when handled properly.

A sparkler is a little stick-shaped object that, when lit, releases beautiful sparks. The safe way to use sparklers is to extend your arm away from yourself to avoid sparks getting onto your clothing. Just wave the sparklers around to create a stunning light show up close. There are two main versions of sparklers. One is made from metal and the others are made from paper, with the metal version being higher-priced.

The paper version is safer since you don’t have to worry about handling hot metal as the burning comes to an end. This is the go-to option for parents due to its safety for their kids and for the lower cost in price.

Roman Candles

These cylindrical-shaped fireworks have a string coming out from the end. After being lit, they release beautiful light balls full of color. These can explode, crackle, and flash! Due to the design, Roman candles are occasionally mishandled and kids will try to shoot them at each other. This is obviously extremely dangerous to do, as is holding these in your hands when lit. To avoid serious injury, don’t mishandle roman candles.

In general, Roman candles are affordable and are offered in varying quantities and sizes. These are a safe choice for people looking to expand their experience with fireworks.


Fireworks are a big part of American culture, and for good reason too. They are beautiful and bring people together. There are home options as well as options for large events put on by a professional firework company. The huge fireworks are the most fun, and here at Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics, we specialize in putting on major firework events, especially in corporate settings.

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