Why we are the best at what we do!


We have been partnering with people in celebrations and events since 2005. Our commitment to clients is expertise and professionalism. Your celebration, with regard for the safety of the attendees and property, is at the forefront of our responsibilities to you.


No show is too small for our team! From local shows in backyards to larger public displays, we do it all. Parks? Racetracks? Lakefronts? Larger venues? We have you covered. We tailor the show to your requirements. Our amazing displays are shot in a multitude of engineered technology. We shoot by hand firing, electric firing, or computerized choreography to music.


We can take celebrations to the ultimate level with choreographed music displays. Our team will synchronize pyrotechnic launches of selected fireworks to your choice of music for an amazing, custom experience.


Our many accomplishments within the pyrotechnics community are renowned. We specialize in unique special effects. We offer handmade displays and effects for additional amazement to your celebration.


Our certified display operators have completed safety shooter certification training and adhere to all national safety guidelines. We pride ourselves on our staff’s dedication to the safety of our clients property and spectators.

Only the Best in the Business

Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics is the place where technology meets tradition. We deliver an unparalleled brand of passion plus talent, powered by the best and the brightest in fireworks techniques. For consummate pyro-musical events, we couple the musical production expertise of extraordinary artists with the precision choreography of technical virtuosos, lighting up skies, sports arenas, and imaginations.

“I have been shooting and selling fireworks since 2004. During this time I realized the lack of true craftsmanship and creativity with many display shows. It is my personal commitment that each show that our company shoots allows for the ultimate creative show design by only using the latest technology and the highest quality fireworks from manufacturers such as Yung Feng, Lidu, Dominator and Crown Pyro. Our technology allows for us to shoot from multiple shoot sites great distances apart with an unlimited number of cues firing with a precision of 1/100th of second. And, we bring this level of technology to each of our shows regardless of your budget. Ask the competition if they can do that? Be prepared to be amazed!” – Brent Munnerlyn, President

What makes our fireworks display company unique?

Behind every memorable event is our focused collaboration with you. Every event begins with impeccable planning and our attention to an ensemble of precision details.

From day one of planning through the culmination of an extraordinary fireworks display event, you can count on our veteran event producers and expert technicians to manage every detail of your show. As a leading fireworks display company, we are passionate about perfection. Your theme becomes our mission. From creative concept, through site survey and safety planning, budget review, permitting, soundtrack development, selection of technology and techniques, setting computer-based timing and choreography, and flawless execution, the Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics team ensures your peace of mind.

Whether your show is large or small, your success is our imperative. Year-round, we pursue and refine new options in extraordinary entertainment. We’re relentless in our aim to dial up the excitement level with the fireworks technologies and techniques we put to work for you.

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