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Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics

Hire a Professional Fireworks Company Unrivaled Pyrotechnic Artistry.

Being a professional firework company, we elevate the art and science of pyrotechnics by crafting the perfect effect for your special events.

“What are the best fireworks display companies near me?”

Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics is the BEST firework company that is handpicked and hired by those who want more than a loud bang!

Do you have an upcoming event and are looking for something to leave a lasting impression with those attending? A diverse selection of special effects, types of fireworks, and choreographed accompaniment provides your guests with one heck of show they will fondly remember.

Our Service Areas

We incorporate the newest and best technologies in the industry into our amazing displays. Only the top products are used in our showcase events. We are reliable, leaders in safety, and the best in show!

July 4th/Holidays

Do your holiday fireworks right-put
Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics in charge.

Corporate Events

Ignite your next employee or customer
appreciation event with fireworks.

Weddings & Celebrations

A once-in-a-lifetime event calls for a fireworks show!

Sporting Events

Cap off the big game with a fireworks display that sends the fans home with a smile.

Recurring Shows

Make us your go-to when the show
has to happen every night according to plan.

Unique Occasions

No matter what you're celebrating.
you can do it better with professional pyrotechnics.

Our Gallery

July 4th/Holidays

Corporate Events

Weddings & Celebrations

Sporting Events

Recurring Shows

Unique Occasions

Are You Ready?

Get Ready for the Show of Your Life!

Creating stunning, jaw-dropping fireworks displays is our specialty!

Our arsenal of special effects evolves as we learn new techniques.

Our pyrotechnic artists will work with you to customize displays and effects surrounding your event.

Why Choose Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics as Professional Firework Company?

We are masters of the science of pyrotechnics! Each of our professionals goes through professional training and licensing with an emphasis on safety. Our expertise, strict safety protocols, and attention to performance quality are a few things we build our business around.

There’s no more searching for “fireworks display companies near me” because you’ve found the BEST in the industry!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reputation! When you’re searching for the “best firework company near me,” choose a pyrotechnics provider that has been in the business for a long time. That’s a team that knows how to keep every show safe, match the display to the event, and satisfy each client, whether they’re a family looking to celebrate a graduation in style or a municipality putting on a fireworks.

At Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics, we make it a point to handle everything we possibly can for the client. From insurance to permits to scoping out and blocking off the fireworks launch area, our South Carolina fireworks company takes care of it all! Let us meet with you, get the info we need, and take things from there.

We’re very flexible, but the more time we have to plan, the better the result will be. For major holidays, please book at least 90 days in advance. The more time we have to get the event details from you and plan our show, the more spectacular it will be!

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