8 Excellent Firework Safety Tips

8 Excellent Firework Safety Tips

Everyone knows that fireworks are magical regardless of where they are in the world. That sense of magic is what draws in so many people in enough to the point where they start purchasing various items. What you can’t neglect to put attention to are safety guidelines when handling flammable products like these. Fireworks need to be given respect regardless of their size. From the perspective of the best firework company in Atlanta, today we want to offer a brief guide on firework safety by giving you eight tips to follow.

Let’s get right into it.

Keep Your Children Away From All Types of Fireworks

This is a big one. As kids become young adults, there is room for a bit more responsibility and trust that you can begin to give. As a general rule, keep your children away from all types of fireworks in order to best keep them safe. People who experienced a dangerous incident as a young kid often have lifelong feelings of adversity and fear towards fireworks.

Even if you aren’t worried about a minor burn from a small type of firework, it can be a traumatizing experience to get hurt as a kid in this way. And for medium to large-sized fireworks, there is an increased chance of serious injury including blindness and even death. We know it’s fun to introduce our little ones to sparklers, but even this will require your adult supervision.

Keep Your Distance

Obviously, the closer you are to an active firework, the greater your chances are of being hurt. If you aren’t the one setting off the firework, you should already be in a safe place in case something goes wrong right off the bat. Keeping your distance is one of the best things you can do for your safety when using fireworks.

Don’t Mix Alcohol and Fireworks

There is a little room for leeway provided you aren’t the one setting off the fireworks and that you follow the last tip about keeping your distance, but as a general rule, you really shouldn’t be mixing alcohol and fireworks. A high percentage of firework injury incidents have occurred due to the fatal attraction between alcohol and fireworks. When children do get hurt, a large number of cases include their parents being distracted by alcohol.

Never Throw or Point Fireworks at Anyone

This should go without saying right? I wish. You’d think it would be common sense, but many firework injury cases are due to simple misuse of the products rather than involving faulty materials. So with that said, it surely must be reiterated further that throwing or pointing fireworks at another person is a big no-no. It’s the same reason you should never point a gun or weapon at another person. It’s very dangerous!

Never Light Fireworks Indoors

I remember seeing a pretty funny video where people microwaved fireworks. While funny, it was also very concerning. Imagine if something on a smaller scale took place in your kitchen. Fireworks of any type when let indoors or close to indoors can lead to unstoppable fires and serious bodily harm. There’s a time and place for everything.

Never Use Black Market Fireworks

If you aren’t getting your fireworks from legitimate sources, you are putting yourself, your family, and your friends at risk by using them. Everything in this space needs an extra layer of testing and scrutiny before being literally lit on fire leading to chemical explosions.

Keep a Bucket of Water and Fire Extinguisher Nearby

It’s such a “mom tip”, but it’s consistently said by mothers across the world for good reason. Keeping a bucket of water nearby is proven to lower the chances of fire spreading and disaster. This tip is kind of like being told to wear your helmet when riding your bike. Not the “coolest”, but totally necessary. In addition, another great thing to have ready to go at a moment’s notice is a fire extinguisher. Make sure your fire extinguisher is working properly.

Use Protective Eyewear

There isn’t a perfect protective eyewear product that can protect you from all possible harm, but having protective eyewear is absolutely recommended regardless. This form of protection can lessen the impact of serious damage to your eyes in case of being injured. Again, you might not look the coolest, but setting a good example has benefits for everyone, especially your kids

Final Thoughts

There is so much more to staying safe while using fireworks, but today’s guide should be enough to send you in the right direction. We plan to make a follow-up guide with more firework safety tips. And by the way, if you searched “Atlanta fireworks display company” to get here, you should be aware that the best firework company in Atlanta is Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics. To get a quote on a fireworks display service, click here.


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