Corporate Event Ideas for 2022

Corporate Event Ideas for 2022

As 2021 comes to an end, a new year begins. In the corporate atmosphere, the higher-ups are often looking for ways to give back to their employees for a job (or year) well done. Or at least they should be. So if you’re trying to plan a corporate event for your company, you’ve come to the right place. This will be from the perspective of a professional firework company, so next time you search for “fireworks display companies near me”, think of us.

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Murder Mystery Night

Get your team working together and figure out who the murderer is with a fun murder mystery night. The fun part comes from the effort that goes into dressing up and staying in character. So it works best when you have some fun people involved. Think of a theme and have appropriate food and drink. When done right, this is an absolute blast.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are extremely successful at what they do, requiring groups of people to work together in order to win. You already collaborate in your work setting so it should be very familiar to collaborate with your team in an escape room to figure out how to get out.

Most escape rooms have a high score that you can work to beat. Depending on the setting, the majority of escape rooms are very immersive and have a dramatic story behind them. Enjoy the plot twists and get excited about the task!

Laser Tag

I know, I know. You aren’t 10 anymore. But stay with me. Playing laser tag with your corporate team can get seriously competitive. There are actually adult laser tag settings and you can get drinks before heading into battle. And in between games you can get pizza and wings. Don’t bring the suit and tie for this because you are probably going to sweat. The losing team will have to pay for your next drink!

Theme Park or Water Park

For all the adrenaline junkies out there, go to a theme park or water park. When you’re an adult, there are only so many places that you can go to be free, let go, and act like a kid. Whether it’s playing an arcade game, riding in some teacups, going down a log flume, or going on a thrilling rollercoaster, theme parks and water parks just have a magical way of bringing out joy and smiles in all ages. The sense of happiness and community is hard to replicate or compare to anything else and the bonding experience is magical.

Go Camping

Most of us have fun memories of starting campfires, building tents, stomping around, going for a swim in the lake, and just going on some fun and wild adventures. Camping is a very enjoyable experience where you can engage with wildlife and nature while leaving the busy stress behind. Pretend you’re on the Survivor TV show. Go hiking and on your return roast some marshmallows and tell scary stories. You could even play some capture the flag or soccer.

You can get closer with your workmates as you go for a fun hike. During your hike, you have some time to just think and relax and remember what it means to be alive. It’s immersive and aerobic. Camping will always be a go-to option.

Go to a Vineyard

Regardless of whether or not you are a wine connoisseur, you don’t need to already be a lover of the wine world to love visiting a vineyard. But it’s all the better if you are. Enjoy learning about the process of aging, breeding, and winemaking techniques. When you go on one of the guided tours, it’s very enjoyable.

You will be able to see the winery, tanks, cava, barrel room, and the hoppers. The best place that you’ll get to see is the winery tasting room. This is where you will be able to look at their menu and pick different wines to taste. No worries, you won’t have to spit into a bucket between tastes like they do on TV.

Go to a Fireworks Display Show

This is our top pick. When you go to a fireworks display show, you have fun every time. The truth is that people are scared of fireworks, but that’s why we love them. Most of us have risked some serious injury to have fun setting small fireworks off in front of our friends.

But large firework displays are extra amazing and are fun experiences for everyone. The best fireworks display company is Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics. Again, next time you search for “fireworks display companies near me”, think of us.

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